Human Capital Services

In a changing workforce, advances in new technologies and expectations for high performance, TI Verbatim Consulting (TIVC) is a leader in supporting your greatest asset: people.

Project & Program Management

Let our diverse team assist you by taking crucial decisions and steps to accomplish the desired result and stability.

Language Services

TI Verbatim works with large and small organizations to increase your business outreach across language and cultural barriers.


TIVC participates in several community outreach events. Our CEO, Jean Ibañez Payne, volunteers every year with Kairos, an event hosted by her local church in Fredericksburg, VA. This three day event, in partnership with 18 local elementary schools, aims to help families and
TIVC specializes in human capital and will assist with acquiring, developing, managing, and retaining your employees so that they can contribute effectively in the processes of the organization. TIVC provides services and solutions to maximize profitability and efficiency. We engage at all levels of an