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We’re dedicated to human enterprise optimization because we believe in creating happier workplaces.

A person’s place of work is more than an 8-hour obligation—it is where personal and collective development takes place. We’re here to care for and optimize people’s emotional health and hone their talents to create an optimized and healthy culture.

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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility

Inclusive workplaces enrich an organization’s identity and create happier environments. They enhance employee engagement and increase positive customer experiences. We assess where your organization is on the IDEA journey and then create a specific, tailored action plan to fill the gaps and create a culture of belonging.

Organizational Development


Organizational Development

We help you assess for alignment between people, policies, and processes. By understanding the collective organization’s cultural posture, we help organizations create a complete solutions package that focuses on business processes and alignment to inform strategic objectives. Our assessment results inform initiatives to increase innovation and improve the bottom line while also enhancing employee satisfaction, the organizational reputation, and attracting and retaining top talent.

Training & Development


Training & Development

We help develop leaders with our expertise in training and individual development. We support our SME capabilities of Organizational Optimization and Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access through training, facilitation, and coaching. We train to achieve competency development for individuals and groups, facilitate to promote culture change, and coach leaders to build the courage to change their approach in the work environment.

Strategic Communications


Strategic Communications

Long-term support from your stakeholders is deeply-rooted in accurate and continuous communication. Our team of communications experts help you achieve your marketing and messaging goals. We can enhance your creative capability and bring new energy and perspective to your business strategy.

The Future of Culture Assessments

TIVC has a tool developed by data scientists trained by DEI and organizational psychology experts to analyze qualitative and quantitative data to assess Culture or Climate. Our unique system tests for alignment between people, policies, and processes by overlaying survey and focus group data with organizational policies and procedures.

Using AI, it identifies organizational patterns, trends, and collective beliefs that enhance or hinder a culture’s optimization. This provides our customers with an unbiased snapshot of their current state. The outcome of an assessment is to enhance alignment between the organization and the people, empowering and encouraging them to bring their best versions of themselves to work.

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Happy Companies

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TIVC produces great talent and engages with us to ensure the people being hired align with the culture and work environment.

The management team at TlVC is exceptional. The CEO made regular trips to the site to meet with their employees and leadership. They are extremely responsive to data requests, questions, or concerns. The management team holds its employees accountable and took quick corrective actions when needed.

TIVC is great about reaching out and doing regular checks. It’s not just the people on the contract, but the overall management does a great job of checking in on a regular basis. It’s a very cordial and professional interaction every time. It’s refreshing!

Another amazing aspect of TIVC is that they’re willing to grow and invest in their employees. I see that in the contractors that work here for TIVC. They’re happier in the way that they do things!

TIVC’s efforts and accomplishments have been instrumental to the success of our office. Well done!

TIVC did an outstanding job meeting the terms of the contract. TIVC conducted follow-up services to stakeholder surveys for the office that yielded very useful outreach strategies.

TIVC provided timely services associated with this contract. Despite last-minute directions and changes given to produce several documents, TIVC delivered the documents ahead of schedule.

TIVC did an exceptional job meeting the requirements of the contract without going beyond targeted costs. On several occasions, TIVC suggested ways in which the government could save money in the performance of the tasks associated with the contract.