Workplace Culture Assessment

A workplace culture assessment creates the foundation for aligning workplace culture with the organization’s strategic objectives. It is a diagnostic tool that examines a workforce’s opinions, behaviors, beliefs, views, and feelings to help people work better together. Once the current norms and behaviors of the organization are fully understood, they can be leveraged to create greater efficiencies, support innovation, increase employee engagement, and positively impact the bottom line. Optimal cultures create high employee satisfaction, positively impacting company reputation and attracting top talent.

TIVC approaches culture assessments promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) because, when combined, it can become an organization’s greatest strength. Our in-house team of highly trained experts use a collaborative style along with qualitative and quantitative data to implement workplace culture assessment. TIVC relies on this data to arrive at a workplace culture profile that clearly defines organizational issues, the desired outcome, and what defines success. The return on an investment that optimizes culture is well worth the expense.

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TIVC is grateful for the support of the academic community in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area where our branch office is located. Through the TIVC Organizational Development Advisory Council (ODAC), these accomplished academicians advise on topics affecting workplace culture assessment, knowledge management assessment, organizational development, assessment statistical analysis and team-building solutions. TIVC’s mission, “Helping People Work Better Together” is fulfilled by bringing together the best practices in these areas and the ODAC helps inform and enrich the brain trust that advises our culture-related service offerings. The following professors from the University of Mary Washington serve on the ODAC:

Alexandra Dunn, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Management
College of Business
University of Mary Washington
1301 College Avenue Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Alexandra M. Dunn, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Mary Washington and a member of the TI Verbatim Consulting Organizational Development Advisory Council. Alex received her Ph.D. in Organizational Science and master’s in Industrial Organizational Psychology from UNC Charlotte. She has received fellowship awards from the National Science Foundation and P.E.O. International and was recently awarded a Waple Professorship for research from UMW. Dr. Dunn is a SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and a member of the Fredericksburg SHRM Chapter. She has completed consulting and organizational development work for SHRM, Mary Washington Healthcare, the Volunteer Program Assessment, the Carolina Raptor Center and Academic Affairs at UNC Charlotte. Before coming to UMW, Dr. Dunn worked as a talent assessment specialist at Ingersoll Rand and a part-time HR Business Partner at New York Life Insurance Company.

Dr. Dunn teaches management, organizational behavior and human resources at UMW at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Her research focuses on creating supportive work environments, recruiting, onboarding, high-reliability organizations (e.g., hospital employees, firefighters, police officers) and how to design effective surveys. Her work has been published in numerous academic journals including the Journal of Business and Psychology, Human Relations and the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. She also has co-authored articles appearing in The Cambridge Handbook of Meeting Science, the SAGE Encyclopedia of Industrial Organizational Psychology and The Cambridge Handbook of Organizational Community Engagement and Outreach. Dr. Dunn’s work has also been quoted in multiple media outlets including Men’s Health, the Charlotte Business Journal and recently on

Alex Dunn’s Statement of Support for TIVC:
“I was immediately drawn to TIVC after learning it was a woman-owned business! I believe in the power of organizational culture and know the benefits of creating a positive work environment. Finally, I believe in the power of data. TIVC takes a unique, in-depth approach to understanding organizations by triangulating quantitative and qualitative data to produce focused, actionable recommendations for their clients.”
Christopher J. Garcia, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods
College of Business
University of Mary Washington
1301 College Avenue Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Christopher Garcia, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods at the University of Mary Washington and a member of the TI Verbatim Consulting Organizational Development Advisory Council. Chris is an expert in optimization and machine learning and his present work largely focuses in two distinct areas: developing algorithms for large-scale planning and scheduling problems in the logistics, supply chain and transportation domains and using machine learning techniques to discover, extract and fuse information from social media and other disparate data sources into a consistent and reliable story. His research has been published in many flagship engineering and operations research journals including IISE Transactions, Engineering Optimization, OR Spectrum, INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics, and others. He is also a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) and has provided data science consulting for large organizations spanning across multiple industries including defense, transportation, finance, logistics, petroleum and insurance. Chris presently serves as an advisor for several companies and provides guidance on how to incorporate transformative technologies to sustain a competitive advantage.

Chris Garcia’s Statement of Support for TIVC:
“In today’s business climate it is more important than ever for organizations to really understand their culture and use this knowledge to shape policies that enable their employees to thrive while maximizing corporate performance. TI Verbatim Consulting stands at the forefront of organizational development consulting, bringing in-depth knowledge and a sophisticated multi-perspective methodology to bear on culture assessment and optimization. TIVC helps its customers become great places to work and I am proud to partner with them.”

Language Services

TIVC specializes in the translation of 100 plus languages in multiple industries including:

  • Government
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Information Technology

What makes TIVC different? 

Accuracy is key in translation. TIVC possesses a diverse set of skills and talent from across the world ensuring dialects and languages are translated accurately. Interpreting requires simultaneously and intuitively processing, translating, and relaying messages verbally in a live setting. TIVC provides communications across multiple fields through native interpreters.

Highlights of our language services delivery include:

  • Multiple layer quality process
  • Pricing transparency
  • 100% on time delivery & customer satisfaction
  • Certified linguists
  • Document translators
  • Simultaneous interpreters
  • Project manager response time <1 hour

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Our Nine-Step Quality Management Process:
Step 1: Project Review
Step 2: Glossary Development
Step 3: Translation
Step 4: Copy Editing by Second Translator
Step 5: Translator and Program Manager (PM) Review
Step 6: Formatting and Layout
Step 7: Quality Control/Proofreading
Step 8: Final Translator Review
Step 9: Final Check/Delivery

Business Support Services

Aligning our employees to customer culture is at the core of TIVC’s philosophy. Team members that feel connected to the customer are more engaged and committed to quality.

Our team works closely with customers in the Departments of Defense, Energy, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Treasury, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and several independent agencies supporting their most difficult challenges.

We accomplish this through:

  • Strategic communications, branding, and public affairs support
  • Technical, engineering, and independent verification and validation support
  • Knowledge management
  • DEI Training and Consulting Services
  • Administrative and executive-level support
  • Program, financial, operations, and logistics analysis support
  • Paralegal support
  • Graphic design, audiovisual, and creative support

TI Verbatim and their management team are just the type of company you want to work with. They are responsive, engaging, and extremely professional.”