Coaching with Cultural Humility Training Program

Foster an inclusive space where your clients can explore goals and challenges.


In today’s rapidly evolving coaching landscape, the ability to navigate and respect diverse cultural contexts is not just a skill but a necessity. TIVC’s Coaching with Cultural Humility program offers a transformative experience for both emerging and established coaches. This comprehensive 67-hour, 17-week course is designed to foster a safe, inclusive environment where you can refine your coaching strategies, adapt them to diverse cultural contexts, and build robust, trusting relationships with your clients.


Through a unique blend of asynchronous lessons, synchronous instruction, and hands-on workshops, this program delves into the intricacies of cultural humility, empowering you to engage deeply with your clients’ diverse backgrounds. Our curriculum, featuring the 6Cs of Coaching (Context, Clarity, Confirmation, Creation, Challenges, and Commitment), provides a dynamic framework for understanding and integrating cultural nuances into your coaching practice. The program integrates IDEA principles and ICF core competencies, equipping you with the essential skills to embody a coaching mindset, establish agreements, cultivate trust, and facilitate client growth.


As you embark on this journey, you’ll gain insights into the foundations of coaching, explore the critical ICF core competencies, and learn to apply the principles of cultural humility in practical, hands-on application. This program is not just about enhancing your coaching skills; it’s an investment in becoming a coach who can have a meaningful, positive impact for your clients in an increasingly diverse, changing workplace. Join us to transform your coaching approach and elevate your career to new heights of empathy, understanding, and effectiveness.


Program Components

Course 1: Coaching Foundations

Course 2: ICF Core Competencies

Course 3: Coaching with Cultural Humility

Course 4: Coaching with Cultural Humility Using the 6Cs Approach

Course 5: The Practice of Coaching


Program Features

  • IDEA-driven coaching framework
  • 10 hours of mentoring
  • Expert ICF instructors
  • Coaching practice documents & DiSC assessment
  • Access to a holistic learning ecosystem for 12 months to support on-going skill development


Program Mission

TIVC is committed to fostering cultural humility in aspiring coaches by providing them with the knowledge and support needed to thoughtfully engage with dimensions of diversity in each coaching relationship. Our training program offers comprehensive instruction, hands-on workshops, and practice opportunities to help coaches across varied fields understand and apply Coaching with Cultural Humility.​


Program Vision

TIVC’s goal is to create a community of coaches who prioritize coaching with cultural humility, empowering individuals and organizations to attain meaningful and enduring change through self-reflection, openness, and collaboration that benefits all stakeholders.​