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BE KIND Inclusion Workshop:

This customized and interactive workshop creates awareness and equips employees to address cultural environment issues, generational differences, inappropriate behaviors and bias in the workplace. To identify unique issues, we utilize data points and collaborate with employees and leadership; compliance lines, HR, onboarding, off-boarding and employee surveys. Once issues are identified, we develop customized practical exercises for optimum training. This workshop of interactive focus groups will empower your employees to be present, be accountable, and take the appropriate action.
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Diversity & Inclusion STEM Program

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) professions pose a challenge by the demand for global STEM education, employment and funding. When recruiting diverse candidates for STEM professions, an even greater challenge emerges. Limited diverse talent exists in the STEM field.

Our Diversity and Inclusion STEM program can help your company increase and retain the best and the brightest, specializing in the STEM field.

Diversity and Inclusion Program Creation

Four easy steps to a successful Diversity and Inclusion Program Creation.

TIVC can help you create an effective diversity and inclusion program that is championed by all layers of the organization which is not only good for business but key to attracting, developing, and retaining talent.

The words diversity and inclusion are often seen as symbolic activities that cause a variety of reactions: confusion, resentment, anxiety, or indifference. Some may dread another directive added to their full-time duties or resent a one-size-fits-all approach. A diversity and inclusion program is not a function limited to the Human Resources Department; it should not be treated any different from performance objectives such as safety when constructing a transmission line, average handling time when answering an outage call, or time to fill a vacancy when hiring a new employee.

According to a recent Gallup Poll study, 87% of the workforce is not engaged and experiences incredibly high turnover with a rate approaching 3 to 4 years. Employee engagement is a necessary, but not sufficient, condition to understanding an organization’s culture. Examining artifacts, narratives, stories, reward and discipline systems, shared world-views, belief systems and value-sets is also required. The research is conclusive, though: when we understand a culture and shape it accordingly, we unlock an organization’s true potential. Recruiting, retention, and performance all surge when culture improves. Even more important, restructurings and reorganizations become easier, less painful, as an improved organizational culture allows for and promotes resiliency and flexibility.

Developing, implementing and getting the buy-in to a diversity and inclusion program requires four steps:

  1. Create an Accountability Cycle
  2. Use Focus Areas for sustainable results
  3. Identify key strategic initiatives for each Focus Area
  4. Implement activities for each strategic initiative under each Focus Area

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