TIVC helps people work better together. We believe healthy workplaces and happy employees improve an organization’s identity and create positive customer experiences. We know that every organization and every person is unique. We can help you align your strategic goals with your people and achieve success.

Workplace Culture Optimization

TIVC specializes in workplace culture optimization because we know having an effective and credible team will lead to sustainable results. With an in-house staff qualified to conduct a needs analysis assessment, we will work with your team to determine your needs and select a plan that is right for you.
Needs Analysis Consultation
This consultation reveals an organization’s “what should be” and “what is” to inform the type of assessment needed. TIVC administers a short survey and conducts an intake interview with an organizational champion to discuss the organization’s needs. We will make recommendations on types of assessments to consider.

TIVC believes an inclusive workforce enriches an organization’s identity, enhances employee engagement, and increases positive customer experience. Attracting and maintaining diversity within the workforce can be a challenge for any organization. Having an effective and credible DEI program will capitalize on recruitment efforts and lead to long-term, sustainable results.

A Knowledge Management (KM) assessment looks at the existing KM state and how knowledge is captured and socialized. The assessment engages organizational stakeholders, key personnel, and staff to identify what’s working, what’s not, and what’s missing. Whether it’s knowledge gaps, bottle necks, how technology is leveraged, organizational culture, or even how people are using the knowledge base, the assessment helps inform an organization’s improvement efforts towards creating or optimizing its KM system.
Workplace culture comprises the attitudes, values, and belief system shared amongst people in an organization. By understanding culture, leaders improve employee engagement, innovation, and process efficiencies. An optimal culture creates high employee satisfaction, enhances company reputation, and attracts top talent—ultimately improving the bottom line. A culture assessment is a diagnostic tool that examines workplace culture. Culture assessments help leaders prioritize human capital improvement efforts by understanding the why and how behind employee satisfaction, morale, and matters that impact workplace environments.
Influenced by change management principles, an organizational alignment assessment incorporates human resources and workforce succession planning. Simultaneously, it identifies new and/or overlapping value streams (e.g. what will new departments be called) and function statements (e.g. expectations, mission, objectives, etc.). This is treated as a quick, high-level assessment that includes workforce gap analysis, surveys, and engagement with key personnel to inform an infrastructure that supports a viable strategy.

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Workplace Development

TIVC believes that the heart of every organization is its people. All the systems and capabilities are useless if the people are not postured for success. Our service offerings provide immersive and engaging experiences where people can explore possibilities and ideas and be creative while learning and growing in their professional capacities.
Workforce Development
Innovative and inspiring personal sessions and group classes will help personnel look introspectively at their leadership habits and create personalized plans for developing leadership skills.
Targeted and personalized one-on-one sessions aimed at developing the individual by taking an introspective approach into how and why the person sees things the way that they do, what drives them, how they communicate, and how to bring their best selves forward and outward.

Scaled and designed to meet an organization’s specific needs, our workshops cover a myriad of topics such as psychological safety, the psychology of bias, human-centered design/design thinking and other approaches that are agile, scalable, tangible, and most important sustainable. Each of our workshops are aimed at optimizing workplace engagement and developing cross-functional teams.

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Translation & Interpretation

TIVC specializes in the translation of 100 plus languages in multiple industries including:
  • Government
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Information
  • Technology

What makes TIVC different? 
Accuracy is key in translation. TIVC possesses a diverse set of skills and talent from across the world ensuring dialects and languages are translated accurately. Interpreting requires simultaneously and intuitively processing, translating, and relaying messages verbally in a live setting. TIVC provides communications across multiple fields through native interpreters.

Highlights of our language services delivery include:

  • Multiple layer quality process
  • Pricing transparency
  • 100% on time delivery & customer satisfaction
  • Certified linguists
  • Document translators
  • Simultaneous interpreters
  • Project manager response time <1 hour


Our Nine-Step Quality Management Process:
Step 1: Project Review
Step 2: Glossary Development
Step 3: Translation
Step 4: Copy Editing by Second Translator
Step 5: Translator and Program Manager (PM) Review
Step 6: Formatting and Layout
Step 7: Quality Control/Proofreading
Step 8: Final Translator Review
Step 9: Final Check/Delivery

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