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Training based on science and developed with empathy.

Our passion for helping people work better together runs deep. We design and facilitate personalized training that’s empathy-driven and science-backed to help employees and leaders at every level accomplish their respective missions. Our comprehensive IDEA and Organizational Optimization training programs meet client needs and embrace adult learning. We support an organization’s cultural shift by moving participants from awareness to implementation, with universal design principles that increase learning transfer and application to learners’ day-to-day work, ultimately facilitating cultural, behavioral, and/or skill development.


Our 3-phased training approach.

We apply our 3-phased approach, and our proven process is designed to discover opportunities and meet your emerging needs:

  1. 1. Consultation: A collaborative consultation process informs the creation of a customized training program based on the translation of awareness to application through sustaining behaviors.
  2. 2. Training: Training can be through courses, seminars, workshops, and coaching.
  3. 3. Implementation: TIVC reinforces the skills learned during training and evaluates the implementation of those skills over time, resulting in a final Training Report.
    • Implementation Includes:
      • Reinforcing and supporting materials
      • Periodic status reports and reviews
      • Measurement of skill adoption over time
      • Tracking of leading and key indicators

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