TIVC participates in several community outreach events. Our CEO, Jean Ibañez Payne, volunteers every year with Kairos, an event hosted by her local church in Fredericksburg, VA. This three day event, in partnership with 18 local elementary schools, aims to help families and children by providing clothes, shoes, and backpacks filled with supplies for the school year. Mrs. Payne is always happy to contribute to the community and hopes that everyone can have access to the same opportunities to succeed.

Jean also supports the Kairos Prison Ministry of Virginia. Similarly named, this national Kairos program provides a four day short course on Christianity to maximum security inmates at several state correctional facilities. Serving on the outside, Jean supports the inside team allowing inside volunteers to minister to the incarcerated men.

Jean supports Bethany Christian Services. Bethany is an outreach to women in crisis and provides counseling, infant supplies, and adoption services.

Supporting and encouraging other business women, Jean is an active member of the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce.